Chapter 110

2R Designs – 2R has been a bit quiet because they have been busy with a new project! Exciting things are coming soon!

All Things Spinning – Another work in progress! Crazy haptic coins and exotic buttons! Incredible stuff!

AlumaFX – What do you think about this new design from AlumaFX? We love steps here at the show. Looks great!

Axiom Spinners – Pre-Order for the OG Apache and Apache Shift end Sunday night! Don’t miss out on these!

Brothers Concepts – 20% off at Brothers Concepts! Use code “JALAPENO”. Don’t sleep on this!

DB Concepts – Check out DB Concepts on Facebook! Dan Bruner makes these awesome Magnetically Modified Infinity Cubes!

Damned Designs – Check out the Damned Designs Oasis: 4-in-1 Fidget on Kickstarter!

FidgetHQ – Testing going well so far on the FHQ haptics! Noting changes for better grip, hot spots, ergonomics, and feedback.

Flux Productions – The food fidgets keep coming! This time, a fried egg, sunny side up!

Flyaway Toys – Check out these amazing custom “Pivot” haptics from Flyaway Toys. Absolutely wonderful!

Kintetic Asia Pacific – Nano collision update from Kinetics Asia Pacific! Mokume body with cupronickel SC button.

Lautie EDC – Always keep an eye on the Lautie Facebook group for all the newest sign up sales and pre-buys!

M. Tailored Machining – Better in “Every. Single. Aspect.” – A work in progress and this looks neat!

M3 Metal Creations – M3 Tranquilizer SMSF in full production! They look absolutely incredible!

Mackie EDC – Dean will soon have some of these Teflon stickers for our CP3 and CP3 nano haptics! Magnus – Magnus is absolutely killing it with all these new slider designs! Check out the Rail!

Metal Morphosis – Check out this awesome Life Saver EDC over at Metal Morphosis. Phillip Atchison is so talented!

Modusworks – Take a look at this awesome collab between Modusworks and PACman EDC. A Customized Zircuti Mini Ergo!

Reaper Machining – Assembly day for Reaper! We love the aesthetic of this haptic, and we hope that Anthony keeps making cool EDC!

Sacred Spins – The Reverb slider is in production. This is an exciting new design from Sacred Spins!

Silva Designs – People have started to get their Obsidian slider from Silva Designs EDC. They look wonderful!

Spinetic Spinners – The Spinetic Voyager Spinner is finally up for Pre-Order! This is an incredible looking design, and we can’t wait for people to get them!

WYSTE EDC – What would you think about a mini Khepri? 25% smaller. Also look at this Zirc Khepri. Beautiful!

YEC Works – The first batch of Starry Night buttons in 2021. YEC Works will send invoices once there are 20 orders.

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