The Weekly Spin 100-April 23, 2011

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Mike Gdovin

Michael Plasmeier


Rise in Online Classes Flares Debate About Quality

Dish buys Blockbuster for $320 million

Apple buys 12 petabytes of video storage for iTunes

Lion’s iChat adds web page sharing to iChat Theater

iPhone 5 rumors: what to expect

Justice Dept. to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us

Windows 8 Secrets: Internet Explorer Immersive

Google to Revamp YouTube With ‘Channels

RIP Google Video: Download Your Videos by May 13 or They’re Gone Forever

Facebook ‘open sources’ custom server and data center designs

Meet the senator blocking Big Content’s Web censorship plan

Adobe debuts Creative Suite 5.5, new Photoshop Touch SDK

Kindle now available for $114;with on-screen ads


Apple previews new $299 64-bit Final Cut Pro X to arrive in June

In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the edge

MagicJack Loses Some of Its Money-Making Mojo

Samsung sells HDD division to Seagate for $1.375 billion

Top Federal Lab Hacked in Spear-Phishing Attack

GameFly wins in USPS dispute

Next-generation Mac Pro rumored to feature rack mount, stackable drives


Episode 100 Delayed for 2 Weeks

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Due to scheduling conflicts and Plaz traveling we will not be releasing episode 100 for 2 weeks meaning it will come out Sunday April 24th! We don’t want to rush this episode and think it is best to hold off to make sure we have all the time we need.


The Weekly Spin 99- April 3, 2011

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Mike Gdovin

Michael Plasmeier


AT&T Will Cap Internet Use, Charge Overage Fees Starting In May

TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body Scanner Radiation Tests

Visa lets people use plastic to pay one another

New .XXX Domain Approved for Porn Sites

YouTube – Innovation Gallery, Creating Federal Register 2.0

Internet explodes with snark, anger, despair over T-Mobile’s sale

Oh, Please — OF COURSE Verizon Wants Sprint

Quake in Japan Broke a Link in Global Supply Chain

Apple Sues Amazon Over Term ‘App Store’

Firefox 4 Has Arrived

Google and Sprint team up for deep Voice integration

As Phones Become Mobile Wallets, Businesses Want a Share

GameFly to USPS: higher postage than Netflix costs us $730K per month

Android openness withering as Google withholds Honeycomb code

Android apps on PlayBook tablet could be a mixed bag for platform

Motorola reportedly building new HTML-powered mobile platform

Amazon Appstore for Android surpasses Google in places

















No Episode This Week- 3/27/11

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There will not be an episode of The Weekly Spin this week, because Plaz is traveling back to MIT after Spring Break! We will be back next weekend with episode 99!


No Episode This Week- 3/20

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There will be no episode this week because Mike is traveling back from LA. We will return next week 3/27 for episode 99!

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